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Phygital Fine Art Company, Building VR Entertainment NFT ART ROOM around the World.

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Our Activities 

Our Art Collection 

Our private art collection, estimated at 3 million USD, has been exhibited globally, from London and Dubai to New York's Times Square and the cultural richness of Turkey and Italy. As a testament to our commitment to accessibility, we are delighted to unveil the demo version of VR NFT Art Room in a public space, specifically at the Redi shopping mall in Helsinki. Join us in witnessing this extraordinary fusion of traditional and digital art that transcends borders and represents the future of artistic expression.

In our art collection, we proudly feature both emerging talents and renowned artists. Notably, we house Eve Sussman's '89 Seconds Atomized': A Singular Masterpiece. This groundbreaking NFT artwork reimagines Diego Velazquez's 'Las Meninas' in a digital format, pushing the boundaries of traditional art. With its unique connection to a celebrated artist, this piece exemplifies the innovative spirit of our collection.


NEW GOLD: The PNG image “1 px #4be5ff: Symbol of the Digital Civilization” stands as a unique NFT artwork by Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova. This 1 x 1 pixel masterpiece, representing the digital world's symbolism, was listed on April 9, 2021, on the Foundation NFT platform with a starting price of 500 Ethereums.


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